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 2014 HRG Action Pistol Shoots

(open to members and non-members)

General Match Information
Match Times:
Shooting Starts:
9:00 A.M.
9:30 A.M.
Rules and Information for Matches:
  • All matches held on Sunday mornings
  • All participants must attend the mandatory safety briefing, safety check of equipment, and a walk-through of the course prior to each match (BE THERE ON TIME)
  • All shoots are open to H.R.G. members and the general public
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory
  • NRA range safety officers will be present on the range
  • We only allow basic stock firearms with iron sites - 9mm is the minimum caliber (NO RACE GUNS OR SCOPE PISTOLS)
  • Equipment needed:
    • 50 rounds of ammunition
    • Belt
    • Holster
    • Extra clips and/or speed loaders (with pouch)
  • Your firearm must remain in your holster until you are called to the line. Range officers will provide all instructions.
  • Not all events have a side event (see schedule)
Rules and Information for Matches with Center fire Side Event Shoot:
  • Not all matches have a side event shoot (see schedule)
  • You MUST shoot the main match to shoot the side event
  • Center fire rifle side event shoots will start early. You must be there at 9:00 A.M. to sign in, attend the mandatory briefing, have your equipment checked, and attend the walk-through (BE THERE ON TIME)
  • Equipment needed:
    • A semi-auto rifle is preferred - minimum caliber is 9mm
    • Extra magazines are required (mandatory reloading involved)
    • 40 rounds of ammunition
    • Shotgun side events - min 28ga - pumps only
    • Rifle side event - center fire only (semi recommended)
    • Scopes and Propoints are allowed on all long guns
  • Shots will range from 50 yards to 100 yards and a walk-through the maze
Event Fees:
  • Events without side events: $10.00
  • Events with side events: $15.00


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mike Fusco at rifle@harwintonrodandgun.com or at 860-496-0820.

For directions to the Harwinton Rod & Gun Club, click here.

History Of H.R.G. Action Pistol Shoots
"Safety First Foremost and Always"

Click to enlargeThe Harwinton Rod & Gun Action Pistol Matches are set up so that the average shooter may compete and have fun in a match style combat shoot. It is similar to a I.D.P.A. match, but scaled down slightly.

Our shoots started in1997 when some of the HRG members and myself wanted to shoot a course with rapid fire. Using two or more targets and a timer we wanted to see how good we were able to hold our first match. It was a barricade shoot which those who attended enjoyed and couldn't wait for the next one. We add more to each shoot, improving upon the previous to the where we are today.

Today we shoot three (sometimes fout) courses and have added a great event to the H.R.G. schedule. Our match events are easy to shoot. We commonly have children shooting the match with their parents walking them through. We commonly shoot the barricade event and have a maze of doors, walls, and hallways that the shooter must walk through while shooting and reloading under the clock.

If you haven't seen one of our match events, stop by and check one out. You may just get hooked and join us.

- Mike Fusco