Archery At The Harwinton Rod & Gun Club

Click to enlargeThe Harwinton Rod & Gun Club is a proud member of the Connecticut Archery Association and the National Field Archery Association.

With 30 acres of outdoor 3-D courses, and a 35-yard indoor archery range, the Harwinton Rod & Gun Club is one of Connecticut's premier archery clubs offering year-round archery activities and events to its club members and the general public.

HRG offers an outdoor 3-D league during the summer months, along with in-door leagues during the winter months. Both the winter and summer archery leagues are open to the public as well as our members.

Click to enlargeThe year begins in January with the start of the indoor winter leagues. An NFAA 300 round target league shoots on Thursday nights. A flint league shoots one night a week, on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday nights. A 3-D hunter league shoots on Saturday night, and a children's League shoots on Sunday afternoons. The children's league is 2-part, with a session geared towards instruction with a JOAD Instructor, followed by a session of league shooting.

In addition to the archery leagues, the Harwinton Rod & Gun Club also provides four public 3-D archery tournaments a year. These shoots are all 30 target shoots, with both breakfast and lunch available. See our upcoming events page for the HRG archery event dates for. Registration and range for our tournaments opens at 7:00 A.M. and closes at 12:00 P.M.

If you have any questions about our archery facilities, leagues, or tournaments please don't hesitate to email us at